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Winter Head Covering Styles for Women

Women- Fall-September through March; school starts and that means, new clothes for your daughter and/or son. That means new backpacks, coats and school supplies for your daughter and/or son. The chilly start; in the morning; you go out the door of your house to either get to school or get to work. Also you want to keep warm. And your head is an essential part of keeping warm.

Winter Caps and/or Hats for Fall 

Fall has two different temperatures; warm and chilly.  You need a hat to deal with both temperatures because it can be chilly and be warm up to the 70’s. Then it drops to 60’s and so forth and so on until the temperatures change completely to the winter temperatures of the 50’s and the 40’s.  So keeping in mind winter is coming buy a winter cap to wear through both seasons- a nice winter cap for a woman that is versatile and easy to take care of throughout the year.



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There are different types of hats/winter caps for women available.  The first winter cap/hat for a woman is the kufi hat.  It is a pull over hat which can cover your entire head down to your ears too; easy to transition from fall to winter.  Another winter cap/hat is the beret.  The beret is a beautiful winter cap for a woman and one of my favorites. A beret is a small flat round shaped hat that is made of cotton.  You may find a woolen beret but most berets are breathable fabrics so it is mostly in cotton.  You can wear the beret in both warm and chilly weather. It will completely cover your head when you want too.   There are different types of berets on sale at your local store and available online.

Some winter caps/hats for women have accessories that are plain headwraps.  And they serve as their own cap or hat for the individual wearer.  They are good for fall and winter usage.   Along with your headscarves you can purchase matching gloves and if you are like me you buy your winter cap, gloves and scarves to match your coat.

My favorite piece of outer wear apparel is the headscarf. An Israeli tichel is a headscarf and comes in many different styles. The Israeli tichel is a little heavier than your regular headscarf and as such you can use in the winter as a head covering. You should get both the regular headscarf and the Israeli tichel as well.  Another head piece that is good for winter use; that you wear under your winter cap or in general is a bandana.

Places to Find and Buy Winter Caps/Hats

A one stop shopping center for winter caps for women is My Head Coverings available online. Check out the different types of caps for women.  They have berets, headscarves, hats snoods, headwraps, wig and scarf supplies and turbans.  They are all reasonably priced as well.

If you are not an online shopper then go to your local Macy’s, Nordstroms, JC Penny’s and Lord and Taylors to purchase the same.  Local stores in ethnic neighborhoods may carry them as well. For example if you were to live in New Jersey there is a large Indian population in Edison Township.  You can find saris there if you like to wear them.  The same can be said if you are looking for head coverings as well.

Check out a winter cap from Arctic Store called Fur wig, brown fox and it is available for $179.50. This wig is one size fits all and flatters the face with its soft round face.  The fur will stretch to cover your entire head and is extremely warm for the winter bitter cold. It comes in the following brown and red fox, shadow fox, black fox and Russian red fox.

So this year 2016 if you are looking for different types of hats and caps for winter, check out the beret, kufi and headscarves.  Shop around to find the best deals and also to see what is out there. I myself have found a whole new place to shop for hats, caps and accessories that I like.  So this year may have some berets. In closing, this fall you may want to find a versatile hat that will last you through the winter season so you spend less and gain a lot.

Arctic store.com is located in Russian and sells their winter wear online on their website.  They are happy to assist you in finding your winter hats and accessory needs.

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