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Vegan One Vs. GNC Total Lean Shake

Which Is Better: Vegan One or GNC Total Lean Shake?

Meal replacement shakes have become a go-to for quick hunger fixes, especially for super busy folks, so that most people don’t take their time to appreciate the different types. 

Take GNC total lean shake for example. It is a meal replacement shake quite alright, but geared specifically for weight loss purposes, with emphasis on protein as its main ingredient. To get a clearer picture of how different meal replacement shakes are, and how these differences can impact your weight and health target, let’s take a look at this two products – Vega one shake vs GNC total lean shake. First individually, and then side by side.

vega one reviews

Vega One Shake 

From the name itself, you don’t really need to read some of the vega one reviews online to know that this shake was made with vegetarians in mind. But that doesn’t mean non-vegans can’t take it. In fact, the brain behind it, Brendan Brazier, is a renowned author in the performance nutrition field, so she designed this to be able to serve as a meal substitute for high performing athletes. All of the ingredients used in making vega one shakes, regardless of which flavor it is you decide to try, are derived from plants and are as close to natural or whole foods as possible. Brendan did her best to ensure synthetic products were omitted or minimalized. 

Along with this line, vega one is gluten free, dairy free, and to cut down on allergic reactions, it is also soy free. It has no added sweeteners or artificial flavors, it is packed with probiotics and provides as much as 50% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Each serving also contains Omega 3 fatty acids – which are like the Roys Royce of healthy fats. You’ll also consume antioxidants, highly soluble fibers and some plant-derived protein in each shake you take. It is essentially a nutrient dense meal replacement shake. 

GNC Total Lean Shake 

Most of GNC’s shakes are protein shakes – it’s important that you keep this in mind. You’ll find GNC whey, GNC BCAAs, and GNC creating, as long as you’re in the market for a protein shake, GNC has something that will suit you. This total lean shake uses the standard weight loss formula – protein plus minerals and vitamins equal weight loss. 

Hence it contains a ton of protein and about 30% of the recommended daily allowance for vitamins and minerals – per serving. It has been criticized for being low on a slew of other vitamins and minerals – like potassium and vitamin D – most of which eating a banana under the sun will fix. 

gnc total lean shake contains quite a bit of additional sweetener though – like sucrolose – which is ironic considering this is meant to be a weight loss shake. It comes in a ton of fun-filled flavors – most of which are artificial as well. On the plus side, it is extremely low on cholesterol and sodium – ingredients which people on weight loss diets try as much as possible to avoid. 

The bottom line is that this is mostly a protein shake, with ingredients geared towards short-term weight loss. 

Having understood where both of these shakes are coming from, let’s compare them side by side. Whichever shake you decide to go with will ultimately depend on what your body goal is. 

Vega One Shake VS GNC Total Lean Shake 

The first and most important difference between these two shakes is that Vega one is meant as a top meal replacement shakes, so it is filled with all the nutrients one meal is supposed to contain. Hence one serving of Vega one can contain as much as 140 calories. Gnc, on the other hand, is meant to be taken as a weight loss shake so one serving can contain just 80 calories, which will be most protein, vitamins, and minerals. 

Basically, one serving of gnc total lean shake leave you with incomplete nutrients, so relying solely on it can leave you malnourished. Whereas the vega one can be relied on as a complete meal. 

One other area where vega one and gnc total lean shake differ is with regards to their ingredients. Vega one took care to exclude artificial flavors and sweeteners, while GNC just used a sucre derivative. On one hand, that means GNC lean shakes taste better, so are fan favorites. On the other hand, that means vega one shakes are infinitely healthier. Furthermore, since vega one was initially designed for vegans, its ingredients are more costly, thus making vega one shakes more expensive than gnc total lean shake. 

Final Thoughts 

From individual gnc total lean shake and vegan one reviews, the differences between these two products may not be obvious, but once you place them side by side, you’ll be able to tell which of them will work best for the body you’re looking for.

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