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What are Polyphenols Found in Vital Reds Supplements?

Most people are not aware that plants are full of essential chemicals known as polyphenols, which can so beneficial to our bodies.  

According to numerous studies, there are around 500 kinds of polyphenols in various plants. Besides, dietary polyphenols are vital compounds found in the natural food we normally eat. Foods such as vegetables, fruits, tea, lectin-free-cereal-grains, coffee, and wine have polyphenols. There are also several supplements such as Vital Reds that contain polyphenols.  

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The polyphenols are known to give vegetables, fruits, and berries their bright colors. They also contribute to aroma, flavor, bitterness and much more. 

However, the amount of polyphenols in a specific plant may differ based on how it was grown, location and transportation method. Even the ripeness and the way you cook the food can change the number of polyphenols.

What foods are high in Polyphenols? 

Fruits and vegetables are some of the food high in polyphenols. Some species and herbs also contain polyphenols. Below is a list of food rich in polyphenols.  

  • In-season fruits – Blueberries, blackberries, green bananas, avocado and strawberries
  • Vegetables – onions, leafy greens, shallots, carrots, broccoli, and olives.
  • Seed and Nuts – walnuts, pecans, pine nuts, chestnuts, almonds and ground flaxseed.
  • Fats – Virgin olive oil, dark chocolate, and sesame oil.
  • Beverages – Tea, coffee and red wine.

What are the health benefits of Polyphenols?  

How can the food listed above help when your health is concerned? Below are a few benefits of polyphenols.  

* Insulin regulation – polyphenols helps to support insulin sensitivity. They also help to slow down the rate at which the body absorbs the sugar. A type of polyphenol known as flavan-3-oils can help to lower insulin resistance. For instance, intake of cocoa which is rich in flavonoids can reduce insulin resistance.  

* Inflammation – inflammation is the rate at which the body responds to an infection or an injury. It is the physical reaction where a part of the body can become reddened, swollen, hot, puffy and painful. Some research suggests that higher levels of a polyphenol known as lignans are linked with lower levels of inflammation. 

* Ant-aging benefits – as we get older, our bodies are forced to fights several battles such as changes to the body cells. Unfortunately, this means an increase in health risks and many health problems. But the body will always look for a way to defend itself. The best way to help your body is introducing a diet rich in antioxidants. Moreover, polyphenols can help to protect your skin from several environmental factors. For example, red wine has useful properties that can assist in protecting your skin. Hence, always eat foods rich in polyphenols to reduce skin damage and other problems associated with aging.  

* Heart health problems – polyphenols can also help to lower blood pressure. According to several health studies, there is a connection between fewer incidences of heart-health problems and polyphenols. They help in contraction and relaxation of the blood vessels and monitor blood clotting. Hence, a diet rich in polyphenol may help to improve blood flow.  

* Weight loss & maintenance – if you would like to lose weight or regulate your weight, you need to up your polyphenol intake. Several studies show that higher intake of polyphenol is linked to a lower body-mass-index and waist circumference. But since most people just want to slim, taking foods rich in polyphenol is the best choice.

What are the other ways you can get Polyphenols? 

Happily, there are many kinds of polyphenol supplements on the market. For example, if you read most supplement labels, you will see ingredients such as grape skin, grape seeds, olive pulp and many others. Most of these ingredients are rich in polyphenols.  

One common supplement on the market is Vital Reds. Vital Reds combines probiotics with its polyphenol blend and natural fat burning ingredients, making it one of the best supplements because it has combined several rich super-fruits with probiotics and natural fat burning ingredient. This helps to boost the energy levels, promote healthier skin and boost digestive health.  

Bottom line  

Now you know that polyphenols have numerous health benefits. This means consuming as many as possible is a good choice. Many people would prefer to consume polyphenols from natural sources.  

But if you really want to increase polyphenol intake, ensure you add a Vital Reds in your diet. Making health your number one priority is so important.

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