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Stretch mark oil, say goodbye to surgery

Do you get anxious the moment your eyes look at the scars on your stomach denoting the date of delivery? If yes, do not worry, you are one among many.  a recent conducted survey in metros and non-metros revealed that nearly new and expecting moms nearly 87% are concerned about the physical appearance post and during pregnancy. Apart from these, new and expecting mothers also account to 90% such that the stretch marks are the worrisome issues in regards to their looks.



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The stretch marks are caused when the baby grows within the abdomen and causes the skin to stretch. There is certain elasticity, the abdomen size and the breasts increase in size, thereby making the stretching of skin more than its usual capacity. In certain pregnancies, the baby is huge in size making the pressure greater and post pregnancy weight loss makes the skin loose leaving marks that are tough to go away. This is a nightmare to women. Overweight women also experience this problem. Fairer women get stretch marks in pinkish color, while darker women get lighter tone stretch marks. Mostly it appears only the tummy, grows down to thighs and also stretches to inner, outer arms and knees.

First fact is that preventing stretch marks is impossible. They are a part of the pregnancy and take few years to disappear, though not completely.

However, a regimen that is strict skin-care includes moisturizing your skin with shea butter or cocoa twice or thrice a day may reduce the severity of the marks. Regular application of body oils and creams is essential during pregnancy as your skin becomes drier at that time.  Cosmetic treatments are a growing option for women wishing to get rid of these marks.  However, surgical procedure is the only treatment post pregnancy is believed.

Now, fortunately there is stretch mark oil rendering the skin some healing saving it from going under a knife.  This stretch mark oil tones the skin and is a day care procedure. However, keep away from strenuous activities for few weeks.  The stretch mark oil helps you in regular application but you also have to take care.

Stay hydrated.  Massage with olive, castor, almond or avocado ail your body after bath. You can apply the stretch mark oil but without fail include skin nourishing foods that are opulent in antioxidants such as carrots, spinach, blueberries, sweet potatoes and strawberries. Without fail have foods containing nuts, vitamin E, seeds, greens, broccoli and avocados. The good options for non-veg eaters are oysters, eggs and fish. Restrict from oily food consumption.

Eat regular diet with good proteins and do not give up exercising even on application of stretch mark oil. Try kegel exercises so that your circulation of blood is the best. Stay updated; drink enough water so that your skin is supple.

Stretch mark oil is a rare product that is certified by dermatologists. This is a premier board certified oil assuring purity. It is sure to give life to the dead skin and you can see body getting toned within few days of regular application. This is beautifying oil that retains firmness and ensures elasticity to your skin.

The stretch mark oil has essential ingredients that get absorbed quickly and also does not stain your clothes or irritate your skin. The Kashmere products ensure results silently by tightening and toning your skin. The skin enjoys the luster back and the nourished skin protects the moisture loss. This melts into skin and offers a tightened appearance.

Try this high performance stretch mark oil that is body boosting and is powered with skin saving oil extracts, eliminating aging signs and other stretch marks.

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