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Review of 3 Popular Diet Shakes

It is not uncommon to find people who really want to lose some weight but find it difficult to reduce their calorie consumption. In most cases, people do not have the time or patience to keep a record of how many calories they eat in a day—especially when they have to do that every day.

It is therefore not surprising that people now find the option of meal replacements very attractive. The reason for this is that they provide a fixed amount of calories per serving and also come in different flavors. In fact, there are now so many brands of diet shakes that deciding on which to buy might actually pose a little challenge!

Before we proceed to review some of the most popular shakes, we need to examine what meal replacements are made of, how they are supposed to work, and whether they yield significant results. First, diet shakes are known to have a very high protein content, making one feel fuller even on lesser calories. Meal replacements are also rich in fiber, thereby helping to speed up the body’s metabolism.

Shakes such as 310 shake have appetite suppressing ingredients which help to reduce junk food cravings. Although each product is formulated differently, they all work by replacing one or two meals with low calorie shakes each day. That said, we shall now review 3 of the most popular protein shakes:

310 shake

310 shake is a popular meal replacement that is based on plant ingredients. A single serving of 310 shake has 90 calories. 310 shakes are made from the so called triplex proteins (brown rice, hemp and pea) and are also rich in fiber. A bag of 310 shake contains 15g of the triplex proteins, 5g of fiber and some 20 minerals and vitamins. One unique thing about 310 shake is that it is made from a process of cold cross-flow filtration which ensures that the ingredients are not denatured. In addition, it contains probiotics, and a green blends with spinach, spirulina, broccoli and kale while leaving out harmful ingredients common in many other products.

For instance, it does not contain soy proteins which have been linked with heart disease; neither does it contain such ingredients as sucralose or aspartame. In addition, it does not contain hormones or even artificial sweeteners, as it is plant based and naturally sweetened. Above all, 310 shake is sugar, gluten, soy, and dairy free, as well as vegan, making it a very healthy choice.

Raw organic meal

One other equally popular protein shake is the raw organic meal which is made from 13 raw sprouted ingredients. Each serving of this shake contains 20g of protein, 5g of fiber, 21 minerals and vitamins in addition to greens and healthy fats. The protein contained in this shake is entirely organic and is verified by the USDA certified non-GMO project. It also contains enzymes, probiotics, and 1g of sugar, and is free of gluten, soy proteins, filler ingredients, and artificial colors or sweeteners. Above all, it is a “raw” shake being that it did not undergo heat processing.

Vega Protein shake

Vega protein shake also ranks among the best diet shakes one can find—and for good reason. First it is plant based and this means that it is rich in vegetables, whole grains and “healthy” fats while having a very low content of cholesterol and saturated fat. One serving of Vega protein shake contains 20g of protein, 11 vitamins and minerals, 3-4 g of fiber, and 1g of omega-3 ALA. Also important is the fact that it does not contain ingredients like soy or gluten. Above all, it does not contain artificial flavors, colors or even sweeteners.


While it is true that the products that we have reviewed have similar ingredients, it is also true that there are significant differences which could have implications on their efficiency or safety. Of the three products reviewed, 310 shake clearly stands out for a number of reasons. First it is made from a unique cold cross filtration process which does not reduce the nutritional value of the proteins. One other reason is that it is the only one of the three products that does not contain sugar in any amount. The other two products contain 1g of sugar each. Lastly, 310 shake is one of the few diet shakes that helps to suppress appetite with its special blend of ingredients.

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