CANNABIDIOL (CBD) – Future of the Health Industry?

Cannabidiol is a compound found in cannabinoids; which is one of the many compounds that are produced by the Cannabis/ hemp plant. Cannabinoids have gathered their share of scientific interest based on their promising attributes. Is it legal? Is it safe to use? The answer to these questions requires a …

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Truvison Health Supplements for Weight Loss & Their Evergreen Benefits

A girl running and truvision product

Top Reasons to Cut Down Extra Calories  Everyone has distinct reason to shed weight but the bottom line is the same, they want confidence, acceptance and a life which is full with joy and excitement. However, it is only few of them who are actually committed to weight loss and wants to …

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What are Polyphenols Found in Vital Reds Supplements?

Most people are not aware that plants are full of essential chemicals known as polyphenols, which can so beneficial to our bodies.   According to numerous studies, there are around 500 kinds of polyphenols in various plants. Besides, dietary polyphenols are vital compounds found in the natural food we normally eat. …

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