A day in the life of a cognac taster

[ad_1] A vigorous cognac requires a rigorous grape selection process, and at Maison Hennessy the distinguished Tasting Committee will taste 10,000 eau-de-vie (literally “water of life”) brandies a year to find just 10 that are good enough to be turned into its premium blend, Paradis Imperial. After 15 years of …

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Controversial Neurosurgeon Completes Successful Head Transplant On A Corpse

[ad_1] Virtual reality system developed for first ever head transplant patient Italian Neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero announced his team have completed a successful head transplant on a corpse. The surgeon said they will release a detailed report of the procedure on a surgical journal.  ( Jeff J Mitchell | Getty Images …

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New Bird and Bottle Restaurant in Santa Rosa

[ad_1] Restaurateurs and husband-and-wife team Mark and Terri Stark have built quite a dining empire in Sonoma County, with a collection of eateries in concepts ranging from steak, to seafood, to tapas and wine bar. Now, you can add southern-style Jewish American Asian to the mix, too. Or, as executive …

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