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How Long Before Your Phentermine Results Become Visible?

If it wasn’t for weight loss pills like phentermine, the current obesity crisis would have been way more severe. But as with all products – people have a ton of questions to ask so this article will try to answer some of them. 

So, what you can expect is sort of like a frequently asked questions article for how phentermine 37.5 mg works. Towards the end of the article, you’ll read up on some helpful tips to make sure your phentermine isn’t a temporary solution. 

How Does Phentermine Help with Weight Loss?

It’s primarily an appetite suppressant, so its goal is to trick your central nervous system into believing you’re not hungry. Of course, most obese people eat even while they’re not hungry so this diet pill will be a lot more effective if you take it in conjunction with a healthy diet and some exercise.

Is It Normal to Still Feel Hungry After Taking Phentermine?

It depends on how much you used to eat daily before you introduced your weight loss pill. You’ll notice that a lot of the folks on phentermine are overweight, and not just chubby. If a chubby person or a person who has a healthy BMI but thinks he or she is fat decides to take this pill, they’ll likely not feel hungry. Especially if they normally ate within the recommended daily calorie intake (2000 calories for women and 2500 calories for men).

A woman going from eating 2000 calories a day to just 1200 calories a day might not feel the hunger pangs as much since the difference isn’t that much. Plus, if she ate healthy low-calorie foods, she could eat a lot for 1200 calories.

Now imagine it’s a woman who’s used to eating 3000 calories a day and has to drop all the way to 1200 calories. Of course, she’ll feel the hunger pangs because it’s a big drop. Phentermine 37.5 mg may curb some of the cravings, but there’s no way she won’t still feel hungry.

So, is it normal to still feel hungry when the pill you’re taking is supposed to prevent this? Yes, it is – if you had to cut down too much too soon.

When Will You Start Seeing Phentermine Results? 

Patience grasshopper. Unfortunately, that’s actually one trait lacking in most of the people on diet pills. Please note that every human being is different, so the delay of speed with which you notice visible results will depend entirely on how your body reacts to phentermine. 

Also if you make a complete change to your lifestyle while on your phentermine 37.5 mg, you’ll notice more results faster than those relying solely on the pill to do all the work. What’s more, someone with more weight to lose will notice a lot more results in the first month than someone who’s just chubby but wants to go on a diet. 

If you have a measuring scale, it would make observing your progress easier. So how long should it take for phentermine to work? Normally, the first 4 weeks is when most people notice the biggest change. So if there’s no change after that one month mark, you should take it up with your doctor.

Can You Take Phentermine Forever? 

Tempting easy breezy weight loss solution, but no. You can’t take it forever. Mostly because it has some addictive properties which trigger other health-related issues. That’s why this drug isn’t sold over the counter, but with a prescription from the doctor. 

For How Long Should You Take Phentermine? 

If you have no health risk problems, like a heart disease or kidney problems, the most you can take it for is 12 weeks. And even then, it will depend on what the dosage is – phentermine 37.5 mg, 15 mg or 30 mg. Meanwhile, obese people have usually prescribed phentermine for 4 to 6 weeks only. 

How Long Will Phentermine Last In Your Body? 

Between three to five days. Not more than a week from your last dose. 

Tips to Make Your Weight Loss Permanent 

  • Having looked at all these questions in depth, here are some practical ways to make your diet pills have longer effects. 
  • Change your mindset start thinking of weight loss as a lifelong journey and a lifestyle instead you’ll arrive at and forever be at. 
  • Change your eating habits use the few weeks you’ll be taking your diet pills as an exercise in improving your diet so that when you’re done with the pills you’ll have something to fall back to. 
  • Exercise more probably the toughest change but it’s also the most effective so give it a try. 


Ok, you’ve seen a ton of questions answered – from how phentermine 37.5 mg works, how long till it kicks in and the likes. The most important take from this is to defer to your doctor’s best judgment. They’re better trained to understand how your body will react to certain substances, so it’ll pay to consult at least one first. 

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