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American Heart Association President Suffers From Mild Heart Attack During Scientific Conference

Star Wars actor Carrie Fisher ‘suffers heart attack’ John Warner, AHA president, during his speech at the organization’s flagship scientific conference. The interventional cardiologist suffered a mild heart attack several hours after his attendance of the Scientific Sessions.  ( American Heart Association ) In an ironic turn of events, American …

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Half Of US Adults Have High Blood Pressure Based On New Guidelines: Here's How To Lower Your Risk

What is Nasa’s Kilopower? This space nuclear reactor could be the key to colonizing Mars As a result of the new high blood pressure guidelines issued by U.S. heart organizations this week, nearly half of American adults are now considered to be hypertensive. Here’s what people can do to lower …

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FDA Warns About Deadly Risk Associated With Using Kratom As Opioid Painkiller Alternative

Trump holds briefing about opioid crisis The FDA warns consumers about the opioid-like effects of kratom. The Southeast Asian herbal supplement has the potential to cause addiction and death.   ( Uomo Vitruviano | Wikimedia Commons ) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns the public about the risks associated …

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New Health Guidelines Say Millions Of Americans May Need To Lower Blood Pressure

10-year-old Ohio boy steals mother’s car forcing police on hour-long chase Medical experts released a new set of guidelines for diagnosing and treating patients with high blood pressure. The lowered blood pressure criteria will increase the number of Americans with high blood pressure by as much as 32 percent.   …

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10-Month-Old Baby Weighs As Much As A 9-Year-Old Because Of Mysterious Condition

World’s heaviest man is having bypass surgery to save life A 10-month-old Mexican baby weighs the same as an average 9-year-old child. Doctors say the baby may be suffering from a genetic condition called Prader-Willi syndrome.  ( Tero Vesalainen | Pixabay ) Luis Manuel Gonzales, a 10-month-old baby from Mexico, …

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Air Pollution Linked To Increased Risk For Osteoporosis And Bone Fractures: Study

Bomb-detecting dog given final salute before being laid to rest In older adults, researchers found an association between increased risk for osteoporosis and bone fractures and exposure to air pollution particulate matter. Here are other ways polluted air impacts older members of the population.   ( Christopher Furlong | Getty …

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