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Best Xbox One Headset for 2017  

In regard to the Box one headset 2017, there are various models in the market and this leaves buyers in a dilemma on which one of them they should choose. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out an analysis of the various options by comparing their features, price and their pros and con in order to be able to decide on the best Xbox one headset model. Some of the available models include:


The features of this headset is that it has a wireless range of approximately 30ft, has a USB Micro-B Powered, 5Ghz Wireless and a 180mA Output. The main advantage of this XBox headset is that it is wireless and therefore, someone can use it anywhere as opposed to other headsets that need a wire in order to connect. In addition to that, the headset has a long battery life and this enables one to use it for a long time without having to suffer any power problems. The headsets have a custom audio setting whereby one can decide on the best settings that suits their preferences because people have different tastes. The other advantage of the headset is that it is able to pick up any and small sounds detected as opposed to other cheap headsets. The main disadvantage of this headsets is that an individual has to try out the various audio setting in order to come up with the best.


The main features of this headset is that it has Memory foam ear pads, a frequency of 12Hz to 22kHz, 50mm driver speakers and Over-Ear Design.

The main advantages of this headset include the fact that they are wireless hence can be used from any distance that within the headset’s range, they are comfortable to wear and has a good battery life of approximately 12 hours. They also provide the option for custom audio settings and are mostly used by professional eSports gamers.

The disadvantage of this headset is that it is relatively expensive and has a delicate Microphone that needs to be handled with care. Setting up the audio settings is not very easy.


The features include the fact that they have Memory foam ear pads and an OLED Transmitter. They also have a Stereo audio output and an Equalizer of 5-Band with Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries. The main advantage of the headset is that it is wireless hence can be used anywhere as long as it is within the range. They also have the next generation drivers made to detect richer sounds and are comfortable to wear. As well, they also have the custom audio settings which allows the user set them according to their preference. Lastly, they have a 7.1 doubly headphone surround sound. The disadvantages include the difficult in setting up the audio settings, the charge per battery is relatively lower as compared to other headsets and one has to experiment the audio settings in order to get the best setting.


The main features of this headsets is that it is Bluetooth enabled and has a rechargeable battery. They also enable boom Noise Cancelling and has a frequency of 20Hz to 20kHz with 50mm speakers. The main advantage is that they are wireless, have custom audio settings which produce quality audio. They also pick up small sounds and has a hidden microphone. The main disadvantage is that they have a delicate microphone which can sometimes skip and has the possibility of getting echoes if the sound is played through a monitor.


These headsets have a frequency of 20Hz to 24000Hz and a weight of 360g. They also have a 3.5mm 4pole Jack and a distortion of a THD that is less than 0.1%. The advantages of this headset is that they have a good audio quality, are comfortable to wear, detects deep sounds and the Mix Amp intensifies the gaming experience. The disadvantages are that they have a less functionality than the A50 headsets, there is a great possibility of having issues with the microphone volume and are known to perform better with an additional Mix Amp.

Therefore, when making a decision of the right headset to purchase, it is important for an individual to compare their various features, their advantages and disadvantages in order to purchase the best that suits one’s preference.