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Best Backpacking Tent

Are you seeking a luxurious outdoor experience during the sweltering summer season? You want a behemoth that offers enough room to set up cots and a table for card games on a rainy day? Do you want a tent that can endure the harsh conditions in the backcountry when you venture out in your camping trip? Then you need the best backpacking tent (To learn more about http://www.gadgetreview.com/best-backpacking-tent). Read on to discover the best camping tents in the market- the kind that can endure inclement weather conditions and last for a long time:

The Rei Kingdom 6 (Costs $439)

This is arguably the best backpacking tent. It offers plenty of livable space at an attractive price. Unlike other traditional dome-style tents, the tent’s pole design creates walls that are almost vertical, complementing its six feet peak height to provide tons of interior space. It features many pockets and comes fitted with a center divider that can be used to create a special place for sleeping.

The tent features a customizable rainfly, which, if rolled partway, provides some extra ventilation. While the rainfly entirely covers one end of the tent, the other end is covered with a weatherproof door and an awning.


Marmot Limestone 6p (costs $449)

The Marmot Limestone can stand up pretty well to windy weather conditions while providing tons of livable interior space. In addition to the two traditional camping tent’s X-shaped poles, Marmot incorporates two other poles that run up along the side’s tent to open the interior further and help make it feel airy. The side poles help to push the rainfly off the tent’s body, thus, moving hot air out through the two vents in the fly.

Rei Base Camp 6 (Costs $429)

This is the sturdier version of the Rei Kingdom tent. However, it features almost the same mix of design features, material quality, and organization. The difference is that this tent leans towards the traditional style of tent design with its dome shape- implying that the walls are not as vertical as its cousin, the Rei Kingdom. But, worry not, moving inside is still easy. It is worth noting that its strong five-pole design fortifies it against cross winds – a feature that no other tent on this list has.

On both ends of the tent, you’ll find vestibules where you can store small and light things. Its wide doors make entry and exit very easy.

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6

The Big Agnes Flying Diamond is ideal for camping all year around- including during the snowy seasons. It features a sturdy pole structure and robust fabrics that allow you to hunker down and forget the outside world. Well, there are some tradeoffs to achieve this incredible weather protection- it minimizes the kind of interior space that will permit you to stand fully and move to every nook and crevice of the tent.

While it isn’t the best-ventilated camping tent in this list, it features two-piece doors with zippered mesh panels alongside a couple of mesh windows that help to expel hot air. More, it features a creative fly design that permits you to transform the vestibule into a somewhat front porch awning using either a tarp or trekking pole.

Big Agnes Chimney Creek mtnGlo 6

The reason the Big Agnes Chimney Creek mtGlo 6 features in this list of best camping tents is thanks to its spaciousness, excellent ventilation, and esthetic appeal. The tent features mtnGLO technology yet manages to remain practical. The mtnGLO technology is the tent’s built-in light strands that provide enough light in the tent to enable you go in and out of the tent at night or play a game of cards without needing any extra source of light. The mtnGlo system is seamlessly integrated into the tent.

Eureka Copper Canyon

One thing that distinguishes the Eureka Copper Canyon is its size. It is big enough for six-foot adults to walk inside comfortably. Featuring a full mesh roof, it has an excellent air circulation even with its rainfly on. It is water resistant.

Big Agnes Big House 6 ($370)

This is a rather tall tent with a peak height of 5ft. 8 in. for the four-person one and 6 ft.3 in. for the six-person one. It features an offsetting mesh and polyester rip-stop panels on its tent body that makes it a good ventilator. All versions feature two doors. Keep in mind that this model doesn’t come with a vestibule.

Ultimately, the ideal camping tent for you boils down to your special needs and circumstances. If you are to camp in harsh weather conditions, then you know what to opt for. If you are a recreational camper, you also know what is appropriate for your needs.

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