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A Review of the Most Popular Diet Plans to Help You Lose Weight

Do you find yourself in a fix whenever you think about weight loss? Or are you always coming up with diet plans that never really take off? If you can relate, then maybe what you need is a crash course on the options available to you, including weight loss shakes, and what is required of you so as to make your goals a reality. 

The following are a few diets that are becoming increasingly popular by the day. 

The Paleo Diet

The foods on this diet plan are from two groups: those that are retrieved from fishing/hunting expeditions and those found by gathering. In short, it is a dive back in time to experience what life was like for our ancestors who were not familiar with farming. Grains and processed foods are totally off the menu for anyone keen on following this high-protein, low carbohydrate diet. 

The 5:2 Diet

Fasting is not only for religious purposes according to this diet plan. It has an additional significance that actually has a lot to do with losing weight. A principle known as intermittent fasting is applied. In this case, one is required to eat regularly for five days in a week while maintaining physical activity and then fast for the remaining two. Unfortunately, it is a terrible plan for anyone who is diabetic or pregnant. 

The Dukan Diet

A Dukan diet is based on four stages/phases of eating where there is a withdrawal or introduction of certain food types. During the first phase, a strict low-fat protein diet which is devoid of vegetables is observed. Afterwards, there is a gradual introduction of fruits, carbohydrates and veggies into the remaining stages but with proteins being the dominant player. The danger of this kind of approach to eating is that it may cause constipation and nutritional imbalances in your body. 

A Slim-Fast Diet

Just like the name suggests, slimming does happen, and fast. Unlike the
others that require omitting this food or the other. Slim-fast uses meal replacements such as weight loss shakes to achieve weight loss goals by complementing existing meals. 

These shakes are used to literally replace a meal, preferably breakfast or lunch. By doing so, you are able to avoid sugary and fatty food options that are just downright unhealthy, saving you money and precious time. 

Below we will discuss more on this kind of diet regimen, so you can be on your way to starting it. 

What you need to know about Weight Loss Shakes

They come in two forms: as protein powder formulas or as ready-to-drink beverages. The common aspect in both is high protein content. If in powder form, you are required to mix the recommended part with water or milk to make it drinkable. This easy to prepare perk is what makes shakes an easier option for those who frequently travel.

How can you make the most out of each shake?

First, start by picking one that suits your activity levels and does not conflict with your dietary preferences. A powder based formula gives you the freedom to choose how your shake turns out, so this form might be something to consider. By incorporating ingredients that add nutritional value and taste to your weight loss diet shakes, you stand a chance at reaping more than you bargained for. It need not be a gloomy affair after all! You can spice your up your diet shakes by: 

  • Adding ice 

Besides adding the cool effect, ice can easily increase the size of your shake without unnecessarily adding calories. 

  • Introducing fiber 

Is fiber inclusion in your daily meals a menace for you like it is for most people? A shake offers the grand opportunity to sneak veggies and fruits rich in fiber into your body without a sweat. By blending up some chia seeds or sunflower seeds with your favorite weight loss shakes, your body gets to experience nutrient absorption in its most natural form.  

  • Adding calories 

If the weight loss shake you are consuming does not meet your calorie intake, you have an option of adding additional calories. You can do this by adding dried fruit, avocado or nuts to increase the content. 

  • Incorporating fruits and vegetables 

When food is ingested as a drink, minimal digestion takes place, and that means it is easily absorbed into the bloodstream. How grand would it be for you to benefit from natures best through a nutrient rich drink? This option will leave you feeling full for longer as it provides a possibility for variety in each of your weight loss shakes. 

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