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360 Video – More Immersive Than Ever

Way back in the past, when the first black and white film with no sound was produced, the new type art emerged. It was widely considered a technological revolution. In the future decades, movies received sound, color, and even volume with the latest 3D technologies. 

Another step of development of not only movies but video footage in general is the 360-degreevideos. 

They have a completely new level of immersion into what’s going on your screen, and that is what’s so spectacular about it. 

But do 360 videos make sense and do we need them? 

Can 360 videos help us? 

In the literal sense of entertainment, 360 videos can be rather confusing. Particularly, if you gained the ability to look around in movies and generally any video, you could miss the important details of its story and not see what the director is trying to show you. On the other hand, if someone shots a 360-degree movie, he can hide some Easter eggs around! Additionally, deeply detailed environments certainly would be able to add some weight to every scene. 

If you want complete immersion, there are actually better ways to achieve it. And the best way to feel like you are at the center of everything is Virtual Reality! Whether you are watching a movie, footage of some operation on the International Space Station, or playing videogames, a VR headset is the best bet for complete immersion. 

Nonetheless, 360 video has some big advantages as well. The most important one is that you can watch 360-degree footage on your computer or smartphone, and no additional equipment is necessary. Secondly, 360 videos will be a nice feature for looking around the new house or car you are going to buy. Actually, all-around footage may be much more useful for informational or educational videos, in our opinion. 

As for entertainment, we feel like 360 videos are not the best way to be“present” on a scene. Your display will constantly remind you that you are not actually there, although such videos can show you much more and make you closer to what’s happening on the screen of your smartphone or computer. Butif you want complete immersion, VR is the best thing to go for. 

What can you do through a 360 video? 

Be inside a racecar 

With a 360-degree video, you can look around in the vehicle at the turns and throw some angry looks towards aggressive opponents. Besides, if you have always dreamt of seeing a race track, this might be a great opportunity for you! 

Go underwater 

This is maybe one of the greatest things you could do while watching a 360-degree video. The underwater environment boasts some stunning views, and while you may be unable to dive deep into the ocean, you have the opportunity to do so through a 360 video! 

Participate in skydiving 

If you are too afraid of jumping from a plane or do not have the opportunity for that, you will be capable of experiencing the long fall and see the picturesque landscape of the planet from hundreds of feet of height! 

Become a part of a music band 

With a 360 footage of the latest festival of your favorite music band, you can see the musicians and the huge crowds directly from the stage. Maybe, you are even able to feel yourself a member of the band and receive some of the bustling ovations of the fans! 

Watch the planet Earth from space 

Many people have dreamt of becoming astronauts. There is so much to see out there near our small planet, not to mention the vast depths of space! But would you ever have an opportunity to actually be in the orbit? With 360-degree videos, you can become one of the astronauts at the ISS and get involved in their exciting outside trips! 

Look around the property you want to purchase 

Actually, this feature has been out there for years, but with just images. But a 360 video may be much more useful if you, for example, want to see some aspects of your future house or car from a wider variety of view angles. We think that this may actually be one of the most useful features of 360 videos. 

And there is much more you could achieve with 360 video! But as we already mentioned, you won’t get full immersion with it. A VR headset would be much more appropriate for that! As for informative videos, 360-degree footage may have much more use than for entertainment. At this moment, at least. 

No one can say what will happen with the all-around video we know today and what it will bring in the future. But now, sit down and enjoy all the beauty of 360 videos! 

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