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The 10 commandments for succeeding at CFA exams

It’s true that the candidate who is going to take the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams which are given biannually in June and December among approximately 50,000 candidates globally is in a big stress. Because the pass rate is not high.

since you have signed up for CFA you must try to improve your possibilities. You have to work hard to collect authentic materials for the exam and study a lot. AnalystPrep.com is working hard to provide the students authentic materials and good suggestions.


The 10 commandments to success in CFA exam is given below:

1.  Set a goal

Since you have decided to sit for CFA exam you know how reputed designation it is. So obviously, you have to work hard to pass the exam. You must set a goal and have a purpose. Otherwise you will never feel enthusiastic and your investment of time and labour will go in vain.

2. Make a good study plan

It’s very important for a candidate to make a plan of study. You will make your plan according to the time you will be given to be prepared. Six months is huge for you. Just grab the opportunity and start working.

3. Avoid neglecting

Six months sometimes will lure you to go astray. It’s like, oh I have six months in my hand so I can start my study any time. No, you must start now and utilize every single day of the six months. Remember if it’s not today it will never be tomorrow.

4. Method of study

Find a method of study that will work for you. If you read all day but don’t use any technique you will be lost at sea. Cover few materials everyday not everything in one day. Your brain needs time to absorb.Check the websites and find the best onethat will provide you thematerialswill help you to get prepared and free mock exam hall testopportunity.www.analystprep.com is one of the best websites that can help you as you desire.

You have to find out what makes you feel comfortable when you want to study. Do you like to do that at home or library? Solo or in group? It’s up to you. Revision is the best way to prepare yourself. So, keep it up.

5. Make a moderate Schedule

Since you have six months ahead you don’t have to kill yourself studying all day.Your schedule shouldn’t be tight. It’s true that the CFA exam will get you stuck with the book but it might be boring to you sometimes. A moderate schedule is required to enjoy your study.

6. Be devoted and practice

It’s very important to find out how ready and good you are. Your devotion to each and every unit will drive you to the destination successfully, practice rigorously. It will prevent from forgetting your lesson.

7. Dont feel you know everything

When you go to study, you will think, oh I know this I don’t need to read again. It’s a big mistake. Don’t be careless. You need to go through everything if you want to pass the exam. You must not leave anything out. Prepare yourself with knowledge. So, that you can answer the questions without stopping or hesitating.

8. Dont underestimate yourself

Since you have signed up for CFA you are certainly a brilliant student. Remember participation is bigger than victory. You are here to be more educated that’s all. If you get nervous the anxiety will take place in your heart and your confident level will go down. Just relax and have faith on yourself.

9. Revision and mock CFA exam hall

Take five months out of the six months to study and take one month before the exam for revision and participate in mock CFA exam hall test. Keep doing this in the whole month it will help you to prepare and build your confidence level.

10. Look after yourself and use your common sense

Usually students get panic when the exam approaches. Don’t be care less on your health issue. Eat good food, sleep well and of course regularly. Avoid bad habits and be well disciplined. Work out every day, watch good movies or drive somewhere you like. Execute a short meditation practice it will help you to concentrate.

In the exam hall,you must stay with the easy questions, always try to give an answer, don’t panic just believe if you can’t do today then next time. Just relax.

Just stick with us to take a good preparation and gather experience. Visit our website at www.analystprep.com.

We are one of the leading providers in the country. Your success is our goal.

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