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The 3 BEST Antioxidants for Heart Health

Heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide for both men and women.1 That is a startling and sobering statistic. And with so many risk factors that can lead to a cardiovascular event, like unwanted weight gain, high blood pressure, cholesterol imbalance, and chronic stress, it can be …

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A Colorful, Crunchy Salad

As days go by and the climate gets hotter, take your dinner outside for some delectable in the open air eating highlighting a new and straightforward to plan plate of mixed greens. With negligible fixings and most extreme flavor, this blend of radicchio, California green ready olives, chickpeas and Parmesan …

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Impressive Fruit Pies and Tarts Made Easy

Berry season implies hues, tastes and smells that are certain to satisfy. With an assortment of dazzling new organic products readily available, why not throw together an awesome natural product pie or tart to shock family or impart to companions? From family meals to spontaneous picnics, pies are anything but …

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