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Children In Need 2017: What time does it start, who's presenting and what to expect tonight

It’s a special night for television. When everyone comes together – stars, viewers, charity workers – in an effort to use television’s bountiful platform to do good. This year’s Children in Need promises plenty of treats and surprises in the five-hour charity show that will span the likes of Strictly …

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Mixing Energy Drink And Alcohol Poses Serious Risks

Alcosynth: Hangover-free booze coming to a bar near you by 2020? Mixing alcohol and energy drinks can lead to potentially deadly health effects such as alcohol poisoning. Here are other health risks associated with these caffeinated energy boosters.  ( Pixabay ) Drinking energy drink to get an instant boost can …

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A Sumptuous Secret: Barndiva Bargains

For an idea of how special Barndiva is, one need only watch the film, Eat the View,” that documents the journey one plate of food takes as the ingredients travel across Sonoma County, through the restaurant kitchen, and into the dining room of the Healdsburg restaurant. Written and produced by …

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